Sustainability at Afrolux Luminance - Green Business

Afrolux Green Business represents a commitment to providing quality energy efficient products across the African continent.

As one of the leaders in innovative solutions, we are dedicated to products and processes that contributes in solving the typical lighting challenges in Africa,
as well as address the economic and environmental needs of today and the future.


Afrolux Luminance has a very high regard for the environment and put its best at every opportunity to minimize waste both in products and in services.
As a global standard company, it is our aim to integrate sustainability in our chain of activities. We therefore actively manage sustainable performance with the environment as our top priority.
Afrolux Luminance has therefore developed a highly technical system of management to ensure efficiency.

Development of efficient products is the major composition of Afrolux Luminance. We have therefore set our focus on Research and development with the African scenario in mind, developing more energy efficient and environmentally friendly products while actively taking part in the phasing out of wasteful incandescent products. Taking this responsibility greatly benefits our economy and the society at large

Sustainable performance

In order to fully integrate sustainability in all processes, performance is actively managed at Afro Luminance


Sustainable Products

Our energy efficient products create economical, social and environmental benefits.


Corporate Responsibility

As a global standard company, we showcase our responsibility in several ways, socially, politically and also in response to the environment.


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